Friday, August 3, 2012

Commit, Activate, Live It, Create

Know yourself and your own belief system.
Decide what is right and wrong, a moral code of your own.
This goes beyond what rules you will live by.  You must be firm in your foundation of principles.  Be ready to be challenged on those principles and stand to defend them. 
I am not using hyperbole when I say you must know your place in the universe and the reason you are here.  If you do not then you should be on your way to discovering it.
If you need help in this area, may I suggest you begin with the same Judeo-Christian values that founded this country.
Commit to Love Not Hate, choose to do Good not Evil
Decide for yourself if you really want to restore America
Accept your responsibilities
Recognize that you have responsibilities that come with self governance and vow to do what you can to meet those responsibilities.
This is not a game
This is not about rooting for a team or political party. 
No strategy or politics justify compromise on principles.
You are an individual “The buck stops with YOU”
You may be part of a group but your principles must be your own.
You are lending your credibility to the group. Demand they live up to it.
Being part of a group does not absolve the individual of any responsibilities.
Connect to your community and sources of information. There are many ways to connect and it’s up to you to choose which you like.
Figure out what works for you or ask for help on trying something new.
Email, Facebook, twitter, blogs,, or even telephone (action kits, connection network…)
Electronic Calendar (see http://Patriots.ofVA.US )
Use the most common format for the maximum ability to share information & keep people up to date.
#1 rule: trust no one, do your own homework & verify for yourself.
#2 rule: go to the fountains, meaning get it from the source rather than relying on second hand information or out of context quotes.
National Organizations/Networks
Your Tea Parties
Post to blogs
You can contribute to the blogs by email to keep others informed.
Local issues
State issues
Federal / National issues
Agenda 21 / Property issues
Open Topic (fits none or too many)
Links to more information
Calendar Events
You can also create an event at and be sure to invite
Follow the links on
Each page/blog has more links unique to that area or topic.
Local Governments
Take Action!
Make sure you are registered to vote
Make sure those in your circle of influence are committed too.
Ask family, friends & coworkers if they…
  • Founded - Established their own set of principles
  • Informed - Know what is going on
  • Connected to their community
  • Registered to VOTE!
Expand your circles
Invest Time & Energy
Use your connections to find activities you can volunteer for
Live it
Be the one you seek
Be the kind of person you are looking for. 
That is when you find yourself describing your perfect representative or saying “I wish we could find someone who…” compare yourself to that ideal and live up to it.
Clean out your life of all the bad stuff that you know needs to go.
Do what you ask of others before you even ask it.
That especially goes for what you ask of your government.
If it can be done by government, it can be done better in the private sector.
Solve the problems and fill the needs that you find.
Use the creative power inherent in all of us to make your world.
Robert B. Alexander,
Focus, HII-NNS TAS Maintenance

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