Monday, June 4, 2012


Fellow Bob Marshall supporters (either real, potential, or imagined),


Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 5th, I shall be receiving a shipment of 500 of the small 14’ x 22” red Bob Marshall standard yard signs with the planting wires. These will need to get put out far and wide across Tidewater … and quickly! I need all hands on deck right away as the election is only one week from right now!


I need you all to email me pronto and tell me how many you think you can get put out.


Now a word on putting them out. Obviously, we don’t have enough for them to go in people’s front yards, unless that yard is in a high visibility location with a lot of residential traffic going past it. If so, then go for it. Later, if we have  signs left over, then I’ll give the word to put them in front yards. Better that than not out at all.


Next, be very careful about placing them along public easements and right of ways. Some local government officials have been running around removing them without notice. York County is the worst to my knowledge so far. James City County seems to be the most lenient. Poquoson does allow signs on easements as long as they are not closer than 100 feet to an intersection and you have a permit. I have a permit for Poquoson.


I’ve placed signs at the major intersections in Poquoson already, but if a Peninsula volunteer wishes to go there and place a few signs deeper into some of the neighborhoods, feel free.


For Va. Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, we really need some folks who know their way around over there. The targeted Republican precincts in Va.Beach are in the northeast section of the city (Great Neck, Colony, Wolfnars, North Beach, Cape Henry, Lynnhaven, and Trantwood). The targeted Republican precincts in Chesapeake are in the southern part of that city (Hickory Grove, Bridgetown, Great Bridge Baptist, Hickory Middle School, and Pleasant Crossing). We have Chris Galosi in Portsmouth who will also be the distributor for all signs on the Southside of Hampton Roads. He will have the small yards signs as well as some 2’ x 4’ signs and the 4’ x 8’ signs. He also has wooden stakes and plastic zip ties. After you tell me how many you want, you then go to him and pick them up. His cell 3 is:  757-414-4050. Call him to make arrangements as to where and when to meet for the pickup. He lives in Portsmouth, but his office is near the ocean front in Va. Beach.


Frank Driscoll in Chesapeake is expected to have a couple of hundred of the small yard signs to put out and will need some help. His number is 757-406-8210.


I really need a go to person (leader) in Virginia Beach. Someone please call me!


Louantha or Frances … don’t one of you live in Suffolk? Can whoever that is help us there?


Anyone else on the Peninsula, Middle Peninsula and points north and west, call yours truly at (cell) 757-329-6879.


Next, and VERY IMPORTANTLY, I need to organize teams of 2 people each to hold pole signs at major identified intersections across Tidewater during morning and afternoon “rush hour” drive times. First of all, a pole sign is a very light weight furring strip (1” x 2” x 8 ft. long piece of wood) with 3 small red yard signs on it. Secondly, morning rush hour is 6 am to 9 am, and afternoon rush hour is 3:30pm to 6:30pm. A team of two would stand on opposite diagonal corners of the designated intersection and simply hold the sign up for motorist to see. It would be nice for you to include a “friendly wave.” You can even gently wave the pole sign a little. No yelling at cars, please!!!


I don’t want anyone standing at an intersection by themselves! Everyone must have a partner so you can look out for each other! The traffic waving events are scheduled for Sunday afternoon (June 10th) from 2pm to 5pm. Then Monday and Tuesday from 6-9am and 3:30-6:30pm each.

Again, please email me as soon as possible about placing signs as well as the sign waving events!


Next is the night before the election next Tuesday. All of you who put signs out must go gather some of them back up to place at voting locations for the election thee next day. Campaign manager Bob Allen is working on some sort of “sample ballot” to offer voters as they enter the polls. Will let you know how  that developes. Needless to say, any of you willing to work a poll for at least an hour or two would be hugely appreciated.


Listen gang … this turn out on Tuesday is expected to be miniscule, despite all our efforts. There is no telling how this vote will go, either. Anyone in any of the campaigns thinking they have this thing wrapped up is delusional. Every single vote is extremely critical. Therefore, any little “extra single thing” each and every one of you could do to bring in that “one extra vote” cannot be diminished in any way. Please do not dismiss any little effort you might consider as not needed or un important. It is!


Last, but not least, the final clean up. At 7 pm Tuesday evening after the polls close and on Wednesday, we must all go out and retrieve all the signs we put out. Bring them back to your back yards if possible. I’m working on a way now to gather them all up and put them somewhere.


To Bob M, Bob A, and Cathy … win, lose or draw, we need to know what to do with all these signs. Talk to me.


Mike Prunty

Regional Coordinator

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