Monday, June 4, 2012

A Letter

            Oh my, oh my. What is going on? Come wander down a twisted lane with me.

            What if Obama's falling poll numbers continue and there is worry in the heart of the Democratic Party about the general election, does Miss. Hillary ride in at the convention and take the nomination from Obama. Ah, pay back. She picks Ed Rendell as her VP.

            Gone is Romney's claim to a different direction, Hillary and Romney now campaign on the same track both against the Obama special interest group leadership. The conservative "Tea Party" Democrat, especially women, goes back to Miss. Hillary and Romney is left with an insufficient voter bag. What does he do?

            I suggest raise the banner of the Sovereign States. Reassert the demand upon Senators to represent their states and not a national party. Abolish the tax code and with it the glue that keeps the Oligarchy together and send the tax bill to the several states for payment based upon House representation.  What do you think the reaction will be when every man, woman and child gets notice of a projected tax bill for some $12,000 each for the 2013 fiscal year? Free the several states from excessive regulation to allow each to improve their respective business climates. Don't states know better how to solve their unemployment problems? How will parents react to the prospect of getting control of their children's schools again? What happens in the Senate when the abuses by the EPA are laid at the feet of the respective state Senate delegations?

            If the anti-Obama sentiment is removed and Romney is not the only other choice, how well will the Tea Party stay with an "establishment" Republican?

            Hello, Mr. Romney, what are you going to do?


Bob Dewey


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