Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Letter


In a just concluded primary election for Senator, here in Nelson County Virginia, only 567 of 10,824 registered voters participated. Only 685 participated in the earlier Presidential primary. There was a "BIG" turnout in the 2008 presidential election. A whole sixty some percent of the electorate cared enough to vote. The national political parties give us lip service and we don't care.

            Is it any wonder then that politicians turn to those who do care; the other members of the elite ruling oligarchy? Who are these folks? First as always, the national political parties; then large multi-national corporate entities, large multinational banks, public sector unions and now we find large tax-exempt "charitable" organizations whose donors are secret. The oligarchy cares and rules. Is there any wonder "Main Street" gets ignored?

            The concept of limited central government cannot be attained until the Senate again responds to the voices of their respective states. There should never be a "party line" vote in the Senate. That kind of vote represents the voices of national parties and not the citizens of the sovereign states. The federal tax code is the glue that holds the Oligarchy together. Its ability to reward the Oligarchy must be abolished, not tinkered with.

            The voice of "We the people" is silenced with high sounding oratory meaning nothing. Our Founders recognized the nature of man and placed safe guards against this corruption in our Constitution. But, silver tongues and public disinterest allowed the 16th and 17th Amendments to be ratified in 1913. The corruption will continue unabated until "We the people" address these two underlying problems.

Bob Dewey



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