Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Leter

            The cry of rebellion against a repressive central government heard in Boston Harbor some 239 years ago can again be heard across the land. Then it was a king and a parliament far across the sea asserting rule over colonial second class citizens. Today, it is the elite Washington intellectual, financial and political Oligarchy asserting rule over "We the people".

            Contrary to the propaganda gushing forth from both political stripes, the underlying issue is not jobs, debt, excessive spending, immigration, a bloated government, or even Obamacare. It is the role of the central government in our lives. Both political parties hold claim to the excesses of the central government. Both understand power and understand that with an unengaged electorate they are free to play among themselves at the expense of "We the people".

            There are but two issues. Address them and the rest will follow. The Senate was created to be the voice of the sovereign states and has been reduced to a shill for one or the other of the national political parties. The tax code has become the private treasure trove of the Oligarchy stocked by "We the people". For their 2013 trove, the Oligarchy wants $12,000 from every man, woman and child in the United States. The math is easy; $3.6 Trillion budget and 300 Million people.

            Does anybody care?

Bob Dewey


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