Monday, June 11, 2012

A Letter

            I love these twisted political paths. Come walk with me.

            On the third of September the coronation ritual for Miss. Hillary will begin. The political obituaries for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were being composed several weeks ago. Obama's is ready for the presses; Romney's is not quite finished.

            There is a far more important issue at stake than the legacies of these candidates. This issue must be placed squarely at the feet of the Tea Party. James Madison recognized the problem with political parties and the human desire for power. His creation of the two political power points in the Congress; the House to represent the interests of the central government with the people's ability to curb any excesses quickly and the Senate to advocate for the several sovereign states with tenure reflecting the stature of what it represents.

            We are witnessing the baton of a political maestro conducting a funeral dirge. The final note will be played in Charlotte. But, what about Romney? His anti-Obama campaign will be gone and he must then deal with Miss. Hillary. If he attempts to continue on the same anti-Obama course, his shrouded press release will be ready for distribution on 7 November.

The Tea Party must reassert the role of the sovereign states in the conduct of the central government. If it fails, the nation will not have to wait a hundred years for the next tyrant to appear, we will have to wait but one election cycle. The Tea Party and Mr. Romney have but a few days to act.

Bob Dewey


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