Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Don't come knocking on my door!

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April 11, 2012

Dear Fellow Conservative:


With the 24hr news cycle and rise of social media a minute in politics is like an hour, a day like a year, and a year like a millennium.


Since the dawn of democratic government, crafty politicians hope the voting public forgets about past actions and less than flattering statements hoping to re-write history to push their skewed version.


The For Freedom Conservative Network is dedicated to recruiting and electing conservative candidates across the Virginia landscape.


We support stalwart conservative elected leaders when they stand up for us but we are equally committed to calling them to the carper when they abandon their core beliefs in a desperate attempt to remain relevant or hold on to political powers.


In 2001 former delegate Tom gear, now turned council candidate, was on his way to the Virginia House of Delegates what was his parting wish for Hampton?


Crony Politics!


In his final days Gear nearly blackmailed the city manager to hire his long time political confidant for $80,000 a year created position while simultaneously putting the same political crony on the state payroll for an additional $36,000 a year.


Click here to view an official of Hampton City Council meeting minutes. 


Thankfully City Council denied Gear's demands but Gear didn't take that lightly.


"If you don't hire this individual, when I get to Richmond don't come knocking on my door or ask for anything for the City of Hampton." this the type of crony politics we really need here in Hampton?  I think not, and I am sure you can agree.


On May 1st vote for the true conservatives in this race and against crony political games.

In Victory,




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