Monday, April 9, 2012

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Get your exclusive
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The Daily Press believes its reader values great community journalism no matter which way it’s delivered. So we have begun charging for access to some of our digital content in the same way as we charge for access to our print edition.

We will, as we always have, focus on unique, local content that is important to you, our reader, whether you want to read it on a tablet, a smart phone or in print.

If you’re a seven-day print reader, you’ll get this access for free.

If you’re a digital only reader, you can sign up for a membership that gives you unlimited access to our content, including articles, blogs, video and more.

Select channels will also remain accessible to everyone:

  • All listings and content in Obituaries, Traffic, Weather, Crime, Breaking News
  • Niche Sites of HRVarsity, SavvyShopperToday, HRMilitary, Room & Yard, HRTicket
  • Community sites such as Inside Newport News North, Inside Newport News Central, Inside York County, Inside Poquoson, Inside Hampton North, Inside Hampton South, Inside Gloucester County, Inside Williamsburg.

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