Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Leter

                There are times that a people must step back and assess where they are as a nation. This time for us is now. This nation was founded on the premise that God not man was King. The political structure of the Constitution demanded debate in the Congress between the advocates of the central government and the several states. The retention of a democratic republic requires citizen participation.

                We have allowed our Christian heritage to be replaced by the glories of multi-culturalism. So, where is the basis of our inalienable rights?

                We have allowed the political elite to destroy the constitutionally prescribed balance of power within the Congress to the benefit of a Ruling Oligarchy.

                We have shirked our responsibilities as citizens of a democratic republic to be active participants in the political process. While some may find the current political stature of the country offensive, we must acknowledge, to quote dear Pogo; "I have seen the enemy and he is us." We have reached this point because the few in the leadership of both political parties recognized the apathy of the electorate and used it to secure their mutual political power.

If we wish to turn our ship of state back to the concepts of our founders, it must be recognized that it cannot be done in one stroke. What can be done today however is to remove the glue that holds the Oligarchy together by abolishing a tax code that allows the "K Street boys" to fund the Oligarchy at the expense of the American people. And, restore in the Congress the two political debate positions by reaffirming the obligation of Senators to represent their state and not a national political party.

Bob Dewey


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