Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Letter

                Nancy Pelosi's has recommended to Republicans that they need to take back their party from the radicals. One should reflect upon what she is recommending. The Republican Party, the party of Hamilton, has been historically the advocate for a strong central government. In years past, the Democratic Party, the party of Jefferson, was advocate for the sovereign states. Not today. Today, both parties are advocates for the central government, with each fighting for supremacy in the elite Ruling Oligarchy. As long as both political parties are advocating a strong central government, the interests of "We the people" are not served. One need only consider the heavy handed acts of the EPA, the extension of power in the Affordable Care Act and the assault upon the hallmark of the 1st Amendment to recognize the significance of this 2012 election.

            The character of this election is very simple. Swoon to the siren's song and continue deeper into voiceless submission or recognize the difficulties we face and deal with the issues.

            To continue will be painless, especially for the "me" life style contingent of society. The trauma will fall to our children and grandchildren. Breaking the chains of dependency now will require extraordinary vigilance and will be painful. Because, not only must citizens then keep the elected politicians on a conservative constitutional track, but they must also be willing to shoulder the financial and lifestyle hardships rendered upon us today by a century of increasingly elite Oligarchic rule.

            We have strayed from the virtues of a free and self-responsible people and today do nothing to mute the piper's call.

Bob Dewey


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