Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Numbers game

Robert --

This Saturday and Sunday, we're organizing a big weekend of action in Hampton and across the country. Before you decide whether or not to join, hear me out.

No matter what you're thinking, or what the polls say, this race is going to be neck and neck. In a lot of states, the margin of victory or defeat could be just a handful of votes. It's a numbers game.

But we've got something the other guy doesn't: a whole lot of passion and a whole lot of boots on the ground.

So this weekend, your fellow supporters are taking to the streets for a massive voter registration effort. It's going to be bigger than any we've had so far -- and Barack and I need you out there.

Can you help register voters in Hampton on Saturday, April 28th?

What: Voter registration weekend of action in Hampton

Where: 2845 N. Armstead Avene
Hampton, VA 23666

When: Saturday, April 28th
10:00 am

RSVP now

Every vote is important, and there are currently still too many people whose voices will not be heard on Election Day unless we get them registered and ready.

We can't wait on this one.

Say you'll make it out to the voter registration weekend of action in Hampton this Saturday:

Barack and I are working hard to make this country better -- from reforming health care to strengthening our economy -- and millions of Americans are counting on us to continue this work. But we can't do it alone.

Together, we'll win this thing.


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