Monday, April 23, 2012

A Letter


            The Independent voter asserts a desire to vote for the candidate and not necessarily the accompanying party political philosophy. One must ask; "Does this make sense?" Unfortunately, it does.

            Many of the changes in our political structure were created in the Progressive Era of the early twentieth century and were done for perceived good purpose. The problem is that buried in the good intentions were the elements of the Big Government political power that surface today. Because we are today ruled by an elite Oligarchy, there is little difference between the Big Government political philosophies of the parties only the personalities of the candidates. Obama was a charismatic candidate. Were it not for Sarah Palin, McCain would have been slaughtered not just defeated.

            The Founders created a model of government that had two political power points; the sovereign states and the central government. There was no third position. Legislation considered in the Congress was to be debated from two political positions; the Senate to advocate for the sovereign states and the House to advocate for the central government. That is why we traditionally have had two political parties. There were two competing political power points. While it can be said that direct election of the several Senators by the citizens at large was good, it also allowed the national political parties to directly influence the senatorial elections for their purposes and not for the benefit of the citizens of the state.

            Today, the choice for the independent voter is simple. You are either an advocate for the Oligarchy or embrace the call of the anti-establishment Tea Party.

Bob Dewey


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