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Marshall: 'My first obligation is to the people'


By: BOB MARSHALL | Times-Dispatch 
Published: April 17, 2012

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Editor's note: The Times-Dispatch Editorial Pages have invited the candidates for retiring U.S. Sen. Jim Webb's seat to write for our pages. All candidates, both Republican and Democratic, have accepted the invitation, and their columns will appear on the Op/Ed within the next couple of weeks.

Tim Kaine has already decided on a strategy against his presumed Republican opponent. But, a Bob Marshall June 12 primary win would mean Kaine will have wasted valuable time and $3 million aiming at the wrong target. In my 21 years in the General Assembly, I never supported tax increases or deficits and don't need to run from my record.

As congressional aide for six years I learned parliamentary procedure in depth. I don't wait for things to happen, I make them happen. I don't go along to get along because my first obligation is to the people.

I put Democrats on record. I put Republicans on record. I have helped override governors four times to pass bills without the governor's recommended changes. My votes and actions reflect an awareness of issues and problems that is guided by permanent principles, not the latest polls. I am candid, I don't pull punches, and I'm the only Republican Senate candidate who has clashed with Tim Kaine and won.

In 2007, I sued Richmond's entire political establishment, including then-Gov. Kaine, the Republican attorney general and the Republican speaker of the House, because they supported a law establishing unelected taxing authorities in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia. In 2008, the Virginia Supreme Court decided 7-0 that the 14 taxes in the law were illegal and unconstitutional.

America fought a revolution opposing "taxation without representation." I sued. The people won.

I wrote Virginia's law challenging Obamacare in federal court because no one should be forced into a contract to buy anything. Kaine defends this nightmare. I authored the 2006 voter-approved Constitutional Marriage Amendment, which Kaine opposed.

When Kaine's appointees tried to compel church agencies to place children for adoption with homosexual couples or close, I exposed and helped block his plan. It is not bigotry to have the laws of Virginia reflect 2000 years of Judeo-Christian moral teaching.

In 2009, Kaine supported the addition of federal "stimulus" money to Virginia's budget. I voted no. In 2010, I voted against the budget when Republicans underfunded Virginia's Retirement System by $620 million. Retirement funds should go to retirees, not be used for general government expenses.

In 2009, Kaine opposed my HB 1685, which had bipartisan support, to prevent anonymous cash card campaign contributions. Barack Obama raised many tens of millions in this manner in 2008. I support transparency and accountability in all government activities.

In 1976, I helped devise the federal Hyde Amendment cutting off tax-paid abortions. This year I introduced HB 1, similar to Rep. Hyde's 1983 Respect Human Life Act supported by Ronald Reagan, which affirmed that children have constitutional rights from conception. Virginia teaches third-graders that life begins at conception.

Kaine criticized HB 1, which passed the House of Delegates and, for the first time, the Senate Health Committee. It was killed when moderate Republicans supported Democratic efforts to return HB 1 to committee. Caving on social issues is suicide for Republicans.

I am suing the University of Virginia with the American Traditions Institute for the research papers of Michael Mann, the intellectual "global warming" godfather behind Barack Obama's crusade to cripple America's manufacturing and energy production with arbitrary regulations and hundreds of billions if not trillions in unnecessary taxes. Kaine supports "cap and trade."

This year I introduced HB 1160 to prevent Virginia from cooperating in the federal indefinite "preventive detention" of American citizens accused of suspicious activity, without trial, legal counsel, presentment of charges, or the ability to face an accuser. Gov. Bob McDonnell offered amendments that I accepted.

In 1993, as a freshman delegate I successfully opposed building an expensive lottery building in downtown Richmond, costing several Democrats their seats.

In 1998, I led a floor fight for several hours when House Democrats refused to swear in three new Republican members, which tied the body 50-50. Every Republican delegate eventually stood up in the chamber protesting this naked power grab. Three days later Democrats agreed to share power in committees.

Developing our oil shale, coal and natural gas resources will require parliamentary savvy and uncompromising leadership. Exploring energy will bring jobs, help our economy, enhance national security and keep us out of wars.

Although Barack Obama won my district in 2008, I won 12 elections in Northern Virginia, nearly always being outspent. My 21-year record shows that I have been tried, tested and remained true to Virginians and our Constitution.

Virginians can trust that I will fight for them in Congress as hard as I have fought for them in the General Assembly. I know that our inalienable rights come from God, not man, and that the Constitution and the liberties of the people of Virginia are worth defending.

I ask for your vote, and would be honored to serve you.

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